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Titration studies overestimate continuous positive airway pressure requirements in uncomplicated obstructive sleep apnea

In this study, we found that mean pressure recommendations from manual CPAP titration polysomnograms were higher than the mean 90th/95th percentile pressures generated from 30- day APAP compliance data in patients with OSA. Furthermore, those

with a higher BMI were more likely to have higher average P TIT relative to P 90-95 Additionally, the residual AHI on APAP was lower than the residual AHI observed at the PTIT during manual titration polysomnograms.

The primary finding from our study was that PAP requirement surrogates generated from APAP data were lower in our study population when compared with those generated during preceding manual CPAP titration polysomnograms. This agrees with

most, but not all, prior studies, which have shown that optimal CPAP pressure requirements generated using APAP are lower than those obtained during manual titration polysomnograms.

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