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About S-Med

We have built our reputation on the quality of our products, as well as the quality of our service. We have been a leading supplier of Sleep Laboratory equipment to N.H.S. Trusts and to private healthcare providers for more than 17 years (see map below). Our diagnostic equipment - from SOMNOmedics in Germany - is widely regarded as the gold standard in sleep diagnostics. Our sleep physiologists are experienced and qualified, and have all worked in the N.H.S.

Paying to avoid lengthy delays to a sleep service should not in any way compromise or degrade the sleep study itself. Using the same equipment we supply to hospitals, S-Med ensures there is no technical compromise for the sake of convenience. We measure all relevant data, and use fully transparent software to let you have a hospital sleep study in your own bed.


In addition to our OSA service, we also provide a full insomnia testing and therapy service. Customised to your individual needs, our CBTi service, delivered by qualified and experienced clinicians, is recognised as the gold standard therapy for chronic insomnia. Full details are available on our dedicated website at

Our CIRCUL ring pulse oximeter can be used for basic overnight sleep screening. It is more widely used to continuously track blood oxygen levels (SpO2). This is often used as a means of monitoring COVID status, or predicting deterioration in a number of conditions such as COPD. The CIRCUL ring oximeter is also a valuable addition to the fitness toolbox. It allows continuous recording of heart rate and calorie consumtion at all stages of exercise. Full details are available on our dedicated website at

Providing you with the best technology for the best results

SOMNOTouch Resp

We don't compromise on equipment standards when it comes to providing a home sleep study service. SOMNOtouch sleep devices are used in adult and paediatric N.H.S. sleep labs throughout the United Kingdom. If you attend your local hospital for a sleep study, there is every chance that this will be the equipment used to test you for OSA - see below. Sleep professionals trust Somnomedics to deliver accurate and reliable data.

all the data.PNG
All the data

When we talk about having all the data available for review and correction, that's precisely what we mean. Some home testing services use 'black box' methodology, to produce reports. This  means there is no opportunity for a sleep professional to correct analysis errors. A sleep study provides a lot of very complex data. Automated data analysis often get things wrong. We don't believe you should have to accept the errors.

Sample 4 from RESP report 2020-06-22 151334.png
Standardised Reports

Our sleep study reports use a standard format. The relevant parameters are clearly listed, and 'close up' or 'zoomed in' snapshots of your sleep from different times during the night are included. The reports are fairly complex, and they are in the format expected by a sleep professional. The reports are explained here, but please remember that it will need a qualified sleep professional to fully interpret them.

SOMNOmedics sleeplab installations in the UK

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