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Paediatric Sleep Service

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Paediatric Sleep Studies

In many areas the waiting times for paediatric sleep studies are even longer than adult waiting times. The developmental stage of a child may make a sleep investigation much more urgent than a routine adult investigation, as certain procedures should be performed at the most approprite developmental points.


S-Med offers a full diagnostic sleep service to children aged between 3 months and 16 years.


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Includes Full Video

The addition of video improves diagnostic reporting by providing significantly more data to review. Video can be of particular help when study younger children who may not settle quite so well while wearing the device and sensors.


The Home Sleep Camera arrives preprogrammed along with the SOMNOtouch sleep device and is simple to set up at home.


Very Big Tech In A Very Small Package

Measuring just 84 x 55 x 18 mm and weighing just 64g, (Brochure Download Here) the SOMNOtouch resp is the sleep device of choice for many NHS paediatric sleep services throughout the UK. Our DOMINO software programmes the device with specific tempates for paediatric and neonatal use, and the consumables such as the finger probe to measure oxygen levels are all specifically designed for paediatric use.


We recommend strongly that 2 studies are performed on consecutive nights to improve the gathering of quality data. There is no extra cost for the second night, just select it while booking your study, We will provide a report using the data from the best night.

Organising a Paediatric Sleep Study requires a certain process to be followed. Details are available here.
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