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  • Why are all the staff members called SOMNOtouch
    We find this is the simplest way to ensure you can book a test on your preferred date. We have lots of devices available, but not an unlimited quantity. Using our devices as "Staff" means we can easily adjust availability of devices as required.
  • Why are all the appointments scheduled for 7.00 pm?
    Just for simplicity. We don't know exactly when you will go to bed, so it's as easy to just call it 7.00 pm. The device will turn on automatically so this "appointment" time won't affect your study, no matter what time you go to bed.
  • Why can't I book a test for tonight?
    It takes us a little time to get the device to your home using a courier service. Same day deliveries are prohibitively expensive and would double the price of the test. The appointment system prevents you from making a booking that we can't then fulfil, giving us time to ensure a reliable and dependable service to your door.
  • How do I get my report?
    Your report will be sent in .pdf format to the email address you have given us when ordering the test.
  • How do you send me a sleep device?
    A courier will deliver the device to your home on the day of your test. It will be collected the following day, again by courier, or the next day if you have opted for the second test.
  • What happens if I am out when the courier calls to deliver my device?
    It's important that there is someone at home and available to accept the device on the day of your test as the courier will need a signature (or other COVID-19 approved proof of delivery such as a photo). We can't ship the device to a different address, and if the device is returned undelivered because there is no one at home, we will have to deduct the transport cost from your refund. If you know that this method of delivery is going to cause a problem for you, please get in touch with us before you book the test, and we will see if we can find a way that works for both of us.
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