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Screening for obstructive sleep apnea using a contact-free system compared with polysomnography

Wearable devices assessing sleep are widely used. This study is one of the few clinical validation studies of contact-free sleep apnea monitoring devices comparing the findings to simultaneously acquired PSG data. In this clinic-based patient cohort,obstructive events detected using the OrbSense were not different than those acquired by PSG. OrbSense screens OSA with high sensitivity and specificity. Using a cutoff value of AHI≥5events/h, 81.1% of patients had a diagnosis of OSA both both the OrbSense and PSG. At an AHI cut off value of ≥15 events/h, 57.1% of patients received a diagnosis of OSA from the Orb-Sense and 53.8% from PSG.

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