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Nocturnal blood pressure and nocturnal blood pressure fluctuations: the effect of short-term CPAP therapy and their association with the severity of obstructive sleep apnea

In this study we included patients with mild-to-severe OSA and found that the amount of NBPFs and the average NBP were associated with OSA severity. We also investigated the effect of short-term CPAP therapy on NBP parameters. To the best of our knowledge,the effect of CPAP therapy on NBPFs in different OSA groups has not yet been examined. Moreover, we evaluated the association between cardiovascular risk factors and CVD with differing OSA severities. BP was analyzed beat-to-beat continuously with the pulse transit time measurement synchronized with PSG. The beat-to-beat measurement enables the detection of acute BP changes such as NBPFs. NBPFs,which are defined as an increase of SBP> 12mmHg within 30 seconds, are presumably caused by hypoxemia or arousals.

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