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Sleep time and efficiency in patients undergoing laboratory-based polysomnography

We found that average TST and SE in patients under going clinically indicated in laboratory PSG were about 6 hours and 80%, respectively. About 10% of the patients achieved less than4 hours of TST or 50% SE. Severe OSA, older age, and male sex were all associated with both short sleep time and low SE. In-laboratory PSG is considered the gold standard sleep study and has long been used to evaluate sleep apnea,sleep-disordered breathing more broadly, titration of continuous positive airway pressure, and less commonly other sleep dis-orders, such as sleep-related movement and behavior disorders. In addition, PSG ensures sleep-wake differentiation and accurate sleep staging. Despite the comprehensiveness of PSG, it is intrusive in nature because of the patient’s interface with numerous pieces of monitoring equipment. PSG performed in the in-labortatory environment (vs home) adds even more challenges because of the unfamiliar surroundings one needs to sleep in while being monitored by sleep laboratory personnel.

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