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Booking a home sleep test for OSA is very simple. Choose when you want to do the test and select the date from our booking system. Pick a SOMNOTouch from our staff list, checkout, and you're good to go. We strive to have the report returned to you within 48 hours of device collection after your study. The report will be provided to you via email by an accredited sleep physiologist.

We recommend that you use the device over two consecutive nights. It is understandably easy to feel a little nervous going to bed with the device on the first night, and it is usually easier to get to sleep on the second night. It can be more of a challenge to get sufficient data with smaller children and we advise the two night option is selected here as well.. There is no extra charge for the second study, but we will provide only one report, using the study that provided the best data for analysis.

Organising a Paediatric Sleep Study requires a certain process to be followed. Details are available here.

We hope you will find all of the information you need on the website, but if you have any other queries regarding the test before you book, please get in touch and we will do our best to help. Contact details are available here. Make sure to check out the FAQs too.

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