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S-Med CPAP Therapy

  • CPAP Gold

    Every month
    Subscribe to CPAP - the Gold Standard treatment for OSA
    • CPAP device
    • CPAP mask replaced annually
    • All accessories replaced annually
    • Ongoing clinical support and therapy management
    • Regular reports of therapy efficacy
    • Proactive clinical interventions as required
    • Clinical support helpline

When checking out we will collect the information we need to process your order. To ensure we provide you with the best mask for your CPAP therapy, we ask you to provide a number of facial measurements to help us make the correct choice. We have marked dimensions a,b,c,d on the images to the right. We need you to make these measurements - in centimetres - and provide them when completing the subscription for CPAP therapy.

We recommend a nasal mask as a first choice, as most people find them the most comfortable option. However, if you suffer from a nasal condition that prevents you breathing freely through your nose, it is likely a full face mask will be needed.

If you require assistance fitting your mask, perhaps by a family member or a carer,  please do let us know when we contact you to arrange delivery of your device as we will be able to provide you with the most suitable mask for your needs.


Facial dimensions 2.png

PLEASE BE AWARE there is a minimum subscription of 6 months, after which you can cancel your therapy at any time.

PLEASE ALSO BE AWARE that upon cancellation we will collect the CPAP device from you. It is a part of Terms and Conditions that you accept responsibility for the safe return on the device upon termination of therapy, and if we cannot recover the CPAP device you are fully liable for the cost of a replacement device.

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