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Diagnosis of OSA

A study to confirm OSA status, with hospital standard equipment, and a  medically recognised report.

Treatment of OSA

An end to end service that goes beyond diagnosis, we tailor the therapy programme to your needs.

Paediatric Sleep Service

We provide a full paediatric sleep study service for children from 3 months to 16 years of age.

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Taking care of your sleep

Your Journey

Feeling sleepy during the day? You think it could be OSA? Or maybe your partner thinks it could be OSA? Are you sure it's just snoring? Weight crept up? Or blood pressure? Waking up gasping?

Start your journey to better sleep now

Our Mission for You

Immediate access to a sleep study

Gold standard diagnostic equipment

An accredited sleep report

Medically supervised therapy

Nationwide availability

A complete end-to-end service

Healthy Sleep

The need for healthy sleep has never been better understood with associations between untreated OSA and chronic conditions including hypertension, diabetes, and dementia.

Now you can rediscover healthy sleep

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