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Strategies to improve patient care for OSA: a report from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Sleep-Disordered Breathing Collaboration Summit

The prevalence of diagnosed OSA is a serious public health problem in the U.S. With workforce shortages expected in both primary care and specialties such as sleep medicine, access to high quality care for patients who have OSA will require continued, open dialogue to promote the development of multidisciplinary, collaborative health care delivery models. The success of these strategies will require open dialogue and a

patient-centered focus among key stakeholders. New technological advances also may lead to improvements in OSA risk stratification, screening, and diagnosis. It is hoped that the Sleep-Disordered Breathing Collaboration Summit will be a springboard for ongoing partnerships that will promote the expansion of high quality, patient-centered care for OSA. The AASM board of directors has appointed an Inter-society Collaborations Presidential Committee that will recommend strategies to foster these partnerships. The establishment of enduring models for collaborative sleep care with other care partners is also a key component of the AASM strategic plan, which the board of directors approved in October 2019.

Strategies to improve patient care for OSA a report from the AASM SDB collaboration summit
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